The Founders

Mr. Alan W. Sorter, an ex-Knight Ridder Executive, current President & CEO of the Freedom Media Group, and the Publisher and President of the Columbus Post and Union County Post, has achieved a decades-old dream: The EHDP(SM) — AKA  “Chloe Process.” A technological breakthrough made possible by today’s powerful computing devices and the worldwide reach of the Internet.

Years later he met Manager of Operations, Mr. Herman Raymond Thornton, who would become his partner in developing the “Chloe Process.”

The Brand Name

  • In the New Testament, Chloe is a convert of St. Paul.
  • The name means “blooming” or “young green shoot”.
  • Considerably more dynamic than most of the other Greek-based romantic literary names of the seventeenth century, Chloe is a pretty springtime name symbolizing new growth.
  • The name is excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. Tends to be mystical, philosophical, scholastic, and educational.
Click Image to watch Founder’s video about Chloe and The Electronic Home Delivery Program.

The Chloe brand name was selected as a tribute to a little girl named Chloe, who is very near and dear to Mr. Alan Sorter. Chloe is a very special, intelligent and smart young age elementary school student who one day sat down and started to read a test simulation of the “Chloe Process.” She immediately grasped the digital format with ease. Right there the “Chloe Process” brand name was established.


For more information and to purchase the “Chloe Process,” contact:
Mr. Alan W. Sorter, President & CEO
Freedom Media Group, Inc.
+1 678-540-1174



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