Cost savings | e-Home Delivery | Versatility | ROI

The EHDP(SM) — AKA “CHLOE Process” will eliminate the need for a newspaper to purchase presses, newsprint, ink, trucks, warehouses and operating a production facility. And, it will also give newspapers an opportunity to generate new revenue by selling TV and radio spots, which will generate more new revenue.

The added value to publishers will also result in a very significant reduction in operating costs to run a newspaper, making them financially successful.

Some of the key benefits of using the CHLOE Process for Publishers:

  1. Instantaneous direct delivery to the entire circulation of readers email address and/or cell phone and the reading of that digital newspaper on ‘all’ computers, notepads, notebooks and smart phones.
  2. Generous overhead/operational savings in capital equipment/materials
  3. Ability to generate new revenue from advertisers
  4. Exact newspaper layout format capability
  5. Video capability insertion as part of the format content
  6. Mobile capability
  7. Environmental friendly


It will be a significant change for the newspaper industry that has traditionally revered newsprint and ink, but it may be the only way to survive, as consumers increasingly want their news and entertainment in digital form. Newspapers will have to shift their publications to digital online editions in order to compete & survive.

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