When you buy the Chloe Process you will receive:

  1. Chloe Process How-Tos and Chloe Process FAQs
  2. Video overview of how the Chloe process works
  3. You will receive a basic sample newspaper template for training and use
  4. Post-sale ad hoc assistance in setting up the Chloe Process
  5. Ad hoc assistance in setting up and migrating your database for electronic distribution
  6. Opportunity to purchase an annual subscription for long term customer support, white-papers, reviews, special offers, consulting, commercial services, etc.

Why is the Chloe Process different?

The Chloe process should not be mistaken for publishing content to be consumed on a traditional website by clicking through a series of pages to view text, pictures and banner ads. It is a process to deliver a curated digital publication to be enjoyed like a traditional newspaper, or magazine experience, wherever readers are — on their phone, tablet or computer. And because the Chloe Process leverages electronic delivery, the reader’s pages can come to life and take them to places traditional print has never been able to compete for readership and advertising dollars. With logistical costs of physical product distribution rising by the minute, it is worth considering The Electronic Home Delivery Program (The EHDP) to save money AND make more money through an increased audience for traditional print, PLUS TV and Radio advertisers.

For pricing or for more information, call Mr. Alan W. Sorter at 678-540-1174.


For more information, call +1 678-540-1174 or email awsort@gmail.com.